Choosing A Proper Research Paper Topic For Your Literature Class

If you find yourself in need of a great paper topic for your literature class, there are a few things you will need to remember. Choosing a great research paper topic is the important first step in writing your fabulous A++ research paper but, you will have to take a few other steps in order to find the perfect thing to write about before you can even start writing. Below are some helpful hints for when you are ready to choose the area you will be concentrating on for the next, however, long period.

  1. First, it is important to do some research or delve further into your coursework service before you start choosing so that you will have a better idea of what you are going to write. Do some cursory internet searches and remember to keep in mind the breadth and scope of the class you are writing this paper for. Depending upon the assignment, you may want to fully re-read the books you are supposed to focus on, or just do some further research on the genre you like the most.

  2. Choose a theme you want to focus on. A theme is a central idea that the work wraps around. Broader ones might include Love, War, or Society. Sub-themes might include a Woman’s place in Society. These are universal but aren’t always immediately understood or grasped, which is where your research will help you. Then, you will have to find a way to pull your topic out of that theme.

  3. Once you’ve chosen a theme and a subtheme, choose your specific topic by narrowing down from the top. Start with the Sub-theme (Books About Women’s Place in Society), then pick anything at all which will just be a little bit more narrow (20th Century Books about Women’s Place in Society), then narrow a little further (20th Century Books about American Women’s Place in Society) and keep going until you have something that is a suitably focused topic (e.g. How Sylvia Plath’s the Bell Jar Describes a 20th Century American Woman’s Struggles with Herself and her Place in Society).

  4. Revisit your research and re-read your source material to see if what you picked can be appropriately expounded upon or if it needs a little tweaking. Don’t feel as if you have to change anything here either, you may have already picked the most wonderful topic on earth! Now start writing!

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