How To Make A Good Research Paper Outline: Basic Instructions

There are many things that you should know before attempting for a research paper. It is quite a serious task and one must follow whatever rules they should follow it to make it the perfect one. You have to take many decisions to make it the best from the rest. For that one of the most important things to be done is to make an outline for the work.

How to make a good outline for your research paper

  1. The first thing that a person should be doing is to have detailed study about the subject that he has chosen to write about. He must be very sure about all the facts that he wants to put in to his work and also be sure about the topic that he wants to work with. He needs to be pretty serious about choosing the topic else he won’t be able to complete the work in time.
  2. To make a guideline one needs a steady plan that what he is going to write about. He needs to understand that he should be very much sure about all the facts that he has collected as those things should be in his outline in a step wise manner. So a perfect investigation on the topic is must too before making an outline of the project.
  3. To start off with the outline one must check what things he would be writing like what should be the format of the write up. If it is in APA then it will have a different set of outline. If it is to be written in MLA then it would be having a different set of outline. Try to figure out the style of writing first too to have a good outline.
  4. The outline should have all the step by step works that are needed to be done for your project. You should first mark all the headlines and what to write under them. After collecting all the information, you just place them under the topics so that when you will be writing the original one you can just check the outline and expand whatever you want to about it. This helps in reducing the time of the work.
  5. Mark fixed time for fixed works like you will complete the thesis statement within this day. You should definitely follow it so that you can achieve what you want to in a perfect time.

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