15 Hot Research Paper Topics Related To Psychology

Well if you want to write a research paper, you will have to take into consideration a few things before you start. Making sure you have a great research paper will be pretty difficult, but just in case you want to start you will have to choose the topic carefully. The whole research paper will evolve around this topic, so it’s very important you choose something good. Regarding psychology, there are multiple things you can write about. Psychology is a vast subject, with many interesting aspects so you will have enough of research material to work on, if you do your job right.

  1. How can addictions affect our life? How can we get rid of addiction?
  2. The bipolar disorder. What causes it and how can it be cured?
  3. How does technology affect a young person’s mind from a psychological point of view?
  4. Suicide. What are the most known causes what are the effects on the human brain? What does a person have to go through in order to try and commit suicide?
  5. Competition. What are the benefits of this type of behavior? How about the downsides? How do people who are very competitive behave in their everyday life compared to everyone else?
  6. The concept of self. How do people see the self?
  7. Body piercing and body mutilation. What are the effects of this type of behavior ? What causes it?
  8. Complaining. Why do some people just complain so much about everything little thing that doesn’t go right? What can such a person do to improve the quality of his life?
  9. The déjà vu effect. What are the causes of this?
  10. Dreams. Can we see dreams as something more than a construct created by our mind? Do dreams reflect something about our self?
  11. Eating problems. There are many such disorders. What causes them and most importantly, what can a person do from a psychological point of view to get himself “cured” of such a disorder?
  12. The psychology of music. Music is incredible vast. How can music affect a person , if he were exposed to it too much?
  13. Pedophilia. One of the most horrifying mental disorders. What causes such an illness? And how can a person affected by cure himself?
  14. Celebrity. How does fame affect a person
  15. Stereotyping. What causes this phenomena?

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