20 Examples Of Good Term Paper Titles For College Students

Quite often students confuse two completely different things: term paper titles and term paper topics. A topic that you choose for your work or are given by a teacher is the problem you are going to investigate. A title is a heading that allows your readers to know what you will be speaking about in your project. That is why there are several rules regarding the choice or composition of a winning academic paper title.

Now, let’s try to invent some good and catchy term paper titles for college students. It’s not difficult if you keep in mind that it has to be brief but loaded with enough information.

  1. The role of television violence in juvenile delinquency.
  2. Importance of teen pregnancy information within the school program.
  3. The future of home schooling and individual education.
  4. Attention deficit disorder in children and the general educational process at schools.
  5. Should students be allowed to pray at school?
  6. The problem of plagiarism in students’ individual projects.
  7. Are standardized tests able to show individual abilities?
  8. Additional information as a means that can save endangered species and protect rights of animals.
  9. The harm pesticides cause to pests and humans.
  10. Nuclear energy: is the danger worth the profit?
  11. Birth control, regulation of population as instruments of combatting starvation.
  12. Our contribution to both the global greenhouse effect and management of its consequences.
  13. How oil spills can kill entire populations of sea microorganisms and species.
  14. The problem of domestic abuse: why domestic abuse should be brought to light on all occasions.
  15. The issue of abortion: should a woman be in command of her own body? Can she dispose another human’s life?
  16. The usage and dangers of alternative medicine and its proper implementation.
  17. True depression: how to tell it from deficit of attention in a person.
  18. Anorexia nervosa as a curse of glamour and improper self-evaluation.
  19. Teenage sex education as a means of prevention the spread of AIDS.
  20. Freedom of speech and its logical limits.

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