Tips For Writing A Good Research Paper On The American Civil War

The American civil war was a bloody period in the history of the great nation and it is speculated that the opinions held in those days are still held by the descendants of each party today. That aside, there are some pivotal factors that largely affected the outcome and also the creation of the issues that evolved into a full scale war of the southern states versus the rest. Here are some tips that should prove informative for writing a research paper on the American civil war:

  1. Why was the war started?
  2. Wars cost a lot of resources, as well as lives and can be a great economic strain on the fighting parties. We see two groups, formerly of the same country, having different ideals and both wishing to have their beliefs imposed.

  3. Who wanted what?
  4. This war occurred at the time slavery was abolished and the southern states simply refused to give up this luxury. Had the southern states won the war, is it possible that slavery would have still been in practice even today?

  5. Which side would you consider just?
  6. At the time, a few years before, slavery was widely practiced by many countries around the world, comprised mainly the African people. It is possible that both sides considered themselves to be fighting for a just cause which is why the war was fought for so long and hard?

  7. Should the southern states have been allowed to separated from the northern ones?
  8. A more peaceful solution could have resulted from this conflict if the southern states had the ability to establish their own country. Is there any way the direction of this dispute could have gone differently? Was this really two fights for freedom in one war, the fight to abolish slavery and the fight for the independence of the southern states from the Union?

  9. Economic battles
  10. Some claim that a blockade crippled the supply routes of the southern states and this is what eventually caused their demise. The south did manage to acquire more war ships and used them plunder merchant ships in the ocean around the American coast.

  11. Final battle
  12. After a final confederate attempt to destroy the Union’s command of Petersburg had failed, the confederates suffered many losses and was forced into a retreat. Weakened and short of men due to deserters, the northern general managed to outmaneuver the southern forces, surrounding them which eventually led to a full surrender by the south.

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