Choosing The Best Argumentative Topic For A Term Paper


Among the most commonly tested essays are the argumentative essays whether it is at high school of college level. This is because, through comparing and contrasting two counterpart sides, it is easier for you to understand the counterpart sides. However, how interesting the writer makes his/ her argumentative essay is highly dependent upon how interesting the topic is. Therefore, it wise to note that the starting point of a good argumentative essay is an interesting topic. The following are some useful tips on selection of topics:


Politics is always described as a dirty game. Indeed, it can make a super interesting topic of discussion both for secondary schools and higher learning. The beauty about choosing a politics topic is that different people have different perspectives concerning political issues. For instance, topics concerning the quest of leadership posts being left for a particular gender can be a good argumentative topic. While most of the males will consider their male sex, there are still others who will argue that leadership posts should be equalized for both male and female sex. Other topics may be concerning devolved government against centralized government as well as dictatorship form of leadership against democratic. All these are mind blowing political topics that will get an audience sited to read through the essay.

Religion aspect

The quest concerning religious beliefs and practices has always been argumentative. Therefore, an argumentative essay concerning the same is a correct way to go. It goes without saying that most people will argue that their religion is the best of all as they give illustrations why. Clearly, it is interesting to write concerning different practices and giving supportive information as to why every other person should consider that religion.

Cultural aspect

Clearly, different people have different traditional practices based on their ancestral origin. This is what makes the issue of diversity super interesting which is what makes any country a wonder. It would be boring to have just one tribe in the entire country with no cultural differences. Clearly, it makes a super interesting essay as a person tries to justify why a tribe does things the way they do. For instance, the issue about circumcision practice by different tribes has always been a wonder. While some tribes consider circumcision for both male and female, others solely consider male and others for female alone.

Trending issues

Aside from cultural, political and religious diversity, there is a great diversity concerning daily happenings. Some of the issues if concern in most vicinities in any corner of the world include: the quest about legalizing abortion or not, same sex marriage, allowing cell phones in high schools and so on. Each of the abovementioned points is super interesting to discuss about giving justification why you are supporting a certain side.

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