Creating A Good Research Paper Title Page In 4 Steps

Your research paper title page can easily be created in four steps:

Step one

The first step in creating your title page is knowing the title. You have to know what your title is before you can make your title page. Creating the perfect title can be a difficult task for some students particularly because you have limited words at your disposal and limited space in which to convey the wholeness of your paper. However if you are struggling to create your title you can follow tips related to title creation and from there be ready to master the title page.

Step two

The second step required is to figure out which format you have to follow. Your teacher will more than likely tell you exactly which format you were supposed to use such as APA format or MLA format. In some cases your teacher may not provide this information explicitly with your research paper assignment details but it might be provided in something such as your class syllabus. Some teachers like to provide students with the exact requirements for all papers in the class syllabus check this in search of which format you have to use. While almost all of the formats have a similar title page there are a few discrepancies and it is best that you know what these are before you get started.

Step three

The third step is to figure out exactly what spacing requirements and information you have to include based on the formatting structure or teacher requires of you. For example, if you have to use APA formatting you need to know that the title of your content as well as your name and your academic institution have to be centered in the middle of the page with your running head located at the top left-hand side and your page numbers without the title page need to be centered on the opposite side. Small details like this can make or break your grade.

Step four

The fourth step is to insert all relevant information and double check your exact formatting parameters. Make sure that you have followed the formatting required of you and included all necessary information so that you can earn a top grade. If you have questions consult with a side or ask your teacher for assistance. You can also look over a sample essay often provided by your teacher and see how other students set up their title page and follow their lead.

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