Research Paper Topics About The Harmful Effects Of Water Pollution

It is a matter of general knowledge that pollution is a serious issue for our planet. Human population has grown so much in the past century that nowadays pollution is a worldwide threat to biodiversity. If you are working on a paper about the harmful consequences of contamination, you should read this article to get some ideas.

  1. Habitats that have been badly damaged because of pollution. Provide examples with updated data and show how contamination has worsened the habitability in those places.
  2. The consequences of illegal mining in Latin America. In most third-world countries there are no safety measures for miners. As a consequence, chemical products that appear due to this activity are released to the environment with noxious results.
  3. The exponential increase of cars worldwide: pollution in the air. The rising number of vehicles is seriously affecting the pureness of the atmosphere.
  4. How to deal with the high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere: cleaning the air for the future generations.
  5. The serious consequences of polluting the oceans: endangered species in the sea.
  6. The origin of acid rain, effects and safety measures.
  7. Researching useful means of creating artificial O3 to refill the ozone layer.
  8. Why are the long-lasting chemical compounds that we release damaging the ozone layer?
  9. How to reduce the pollution at home: learn useful tricks. Everybody is able to contribute to a certain extent with recycling and reducing pollution.
  10. Why can we do in order to reduce contamination in our town?
  11. When did pollution become such a serious threat to biodiversity?
  12. The latest developments which help to reduce pollution worldwide.
  13. Future measures that will deal with pollution in a few years.
  14. How to effectively reduce the CO2 emissions in the largest cities. Research about the latest measures which prevent greenhouse effect gases being produced in large scale.
  15. Capturing CO2 in order to reduce pollution in the air.
  16. Effective measure that have proven to deal with contamination in the past few years.
  17. A global problem that requires a global effort to be solved. Let’s admit it, one person is unable to stop this global issue but if people contribute worldwide it becomes a more realistic goal.
  18. How are greenhouse gases affecting the climate worldwide?
  19. The consequences of the global warming effect: undeniable facts.
  20. Preserving our world is our responsibility because we are the intelligent life form that is ruling the planet.

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