20 Great Research Paper Topics On Violence In Sports

The relation between aggressive behavior and sports proves to be an interesting topic for investigation.

Certain sports such as ice hockey, rugby, football, American football, polo, pugilism, wrestling and mixed martial arts see accounts of violent transgressions that are above what could be described as nominal levels of expected physical contact engendered by the sport. Violence in sports makes for rather intriguing topics for research.

You may find certain topics related to violence in sports to be developed further in this article.

  1. The health risks associated with high contact sports such as: Boxing, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, American Football, Rugby, Football (soccer) and polo.

  2. The correlation of aggression and sports: Does aggressive behavior develop as a result of high contact sports, or does sporting engagement simply actuate latent aggressive tendencies?

  3. The process by which athletes find sports: How certain sportspeople may be predisposed to choosing particular sports because of certain innate factors.

  4. The implications of violent and aggressive behavior in sports on the younger viewer’s affinity towards violence and aggression.

  5. Why soccer has failed to take off in the United States of America

  6. Why the American people typically prefer American football to football (that is, soccer)?

  7. The role of dietary factors in the fostering of aggressive behavior in contact sports?

  8. The implications of different colors of uniforms in sports on the correlation with increasing incidence of violent and aggressive behavior.

  9. The manifestation of seemingly anti social behavior during aggressive and violent transgressions in full contact sports such as rugby and water polo.

  10. Manifestation of aggressive and violent behavior in sports’ fans and spectators before, during and after major sporting events.

  11. The role of referees and conductors in determining the incidence of violent and aggressive behavior in sports.

  12. The relation of violence to the origin of sports

  13. How sports enable us to fight battles by proxy

  14. How sports mimic the aggressive behavior seen in tribal raids

  15. A physiological explanation for the presence of violence and aggression in sports

  16. The role of climate and temperature conditions in affecting violence and aggression is sports

  17. The necessity of better framework to minimize instances of excessive violence in sports

  18. What is sportsmen’s spirit? How is it related to violence in sports?

  19. The relation of violence in sports to acts of domestic violence in athletes

  20. How erectile dysfunction can cause excessive violent tendencies in athletes

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