The Essential Parts Of A Research Paper: An Overview

A research paper is a critical academic assignment that you have to complete in your college or university. At school level, usually you do not have to get into complicated papers and only attempt essay assignments. However, when you promote to higher grades, you learn to attempt new types of papers like term and research, thesis and dissertations. These assignments are different from normal essay writing and require the student to think critically, organize their ideas, follow a structure, create a plan and stick to the instructions by the teacher.

Different teachers have different preferences for a research paper but the basic sections remain the same. You can check this site to find out what such papers look like and how to compose them. Even though the type and subject of these papers change for students in different grades, the basic sections remain the same. If you are to understand the basic elements of a research paper, then you should look at the list below. These are all the important parts of such an assignment

  1. Cover page
  2. This may or may not be necessary depending upon the instructions from your teacher and the format you use. It simply contains the title of the work, name of the author and details about the institute and publication

  3. Table of contents
  4. It is a list of all the sections in your assignment. This comes right after the cover page and helps the readers find relevant sections in your paper. You should be able to create one by the standard Microsoft word version

  5. The abstract
  6. It is a short overview of your entire paper that presents a mini version of your work to the audience for emails etc.

  7. Introduction
  8. This is the first official chapter where you present your topic to the audience and include your thesis statement

  9. Methods
  10. This section is about the processes you used to collect your data and the strategies used to analyze it. It is also called the research methodology

  11. Result
  12. This shows the results directly obtained from the experiments and data as is

  13. Discussion
  14. This is an interpretation of the results in respect to your paper

  15. Conclusion
  16. It is a summary of your paper and shows the larger significance of your work

  17. References
  18. This is where you cite all the sources you have used in your paper for referencing data

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