15 Impressive Term Paper Topics On American History

Writing an American history term paper can be challenging but there are things you can do to make it easier for yourself. One element includes choosing a good interesting topic. In order to write an impressive term paper your topic should be something you want to write about. You should select a topic that won’t be boring and something you can focus on.

Developing Writing Prompts for American History Term Paper Ideas

When developing writing prompts for your term paper think about elements of American history you are interested in. There are various elements making up this subject matter. This means you need to conduct independent research to explore potential ideas. You can make a list of ideas through brainstorming or whatever is trending in the news. Significant events currently going on become a part of the country’s history. Consider sources around you besides media such as buildings, landmarks and valuable items of interest that may have a unique link to American history.

How Sample Term Papers Can Give Useful Topic Ideas

More students are using sample term papers to help them develop ideas for academic writing. They offer insight on how to write about a topic in a different way. There are academic paper databases with papers students can access for free written by other students. You can skim the content and get insight quickly on ideas and how to structure your content. Such databases make it easy for students to find what they want based on subject and topic.

15 General Term Paper Ideas to Create Your Own Topic

American history includes various topics and issues that continue to make headlines during current times. Your topic selection will greatly depend on what you want to learn more about. While there is a large number of potential ideas to consider here are 15 general ideas to get your search started.

  1. The first president of the United States.
  2. The one dollar bill.
  3. The 13 colonies.
  4. Voting rights.
  5. Women’s rights.
  6. The end of slavery.
  7. The executive branch.
  8. The judicial branch.
  9. School shootings.
  10. Most influential American inventor.
  11. The depiction of the American dream and how it has changed over the years.
  12. Immigration reform.
  13. September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
  14. Most recent government shutdown.
  15. How racism has affected US development.

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