8 Suggestions On How To Compose A Research Paper Bibliography


If you are writing a research paper then it is mandatory for you to provide a well-format bibliography. It is basically a list of names of books and authors or any other sources that you have taken help from to compose your paper. In order to create a bibliography of a research project, it is necessary to keep track of the sources that you have used. The list of sources generally is written in alphabetical order. There are mainly two types of formats used in creating the list- the APA format and the MLA format, which is widely used by students and researchers all over the world.

8 suggestions to compose a bibliography

A little effort and time from you can make the most efficient list of sources. Here are some of the suggestions that you can use to compose it.

  1. Separate page: Select a separate page for writing the list of sources that you have used in your research. It is generally included at the end of the project. Any source that has been relevantly included in your research can be added to the list.

  2. Give a heading: It is important to put a heading or a title at the top of the page. You can write Reference or Bibliography as the heading of the page.

  3. Alphabetize the list: The list of authors whose reference you have used in your paper should be in alphabetical order. The last names of the authors have to be taken into consideration in composing the list. If the writer is anonymous then you can use the title of the book that you have used. In this format first the author’s last name is to be written which is followed by the initials of his first name separated by commas.

  4. List of dates: List of the date of publication of the books used by you has to be mentioned after each author. You can even mention the month of publication of the books in abbreviated form.

  5. Record of books or articles: After writing the dates mention the name of book or article of the author that you have used. And end it with a period.

  6. Put page number: After the name of books, now it’s time to mention the page number from which you have taken the reference.

  7. Name the publication city: After you have mentioned the page number, you can now write the city or state of publication with the name of the publisher of the book.

  8. Indent: Last but not the least, the bibliography should be written in the hanging indent style.

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