List Of Term Paper Topics On Marketing: 20 Good Suggestions

Sometimes coming up with a topic for your term paper can be the hardest part of the process, particularly in a subject like marketing where there are so many options. It is important to choose one that is narrow enough that you can thoroughly answer your research question in the number of pages you’ve been allotted for the assignment. To do my term paper perfectly, try picking a particular places - either a country or a region - and a specific time period to write about. This will help to you keep in narrow enough.

Use this list of 20 marketing term paper suggestions to get started:

  1. What are the major marketing trends in the outdoor industry in the United States?

  2. >Which is a more compelling marketing strategy for TV commercials, joy or sadness?

  3. Explore the efficacy of anti-consumption marketing for apparel brands

  4. >What have been the major phases of the United States dairy industry’s major marketing campaigns?

  5. What strategies have been used by the solar industry to market the technology for residential homes versus commercial properties?

  6. What is the return on investment for using celebrity spokespeople in marking campaigns? Does it vary with different kinds of products or services?

  7. Create a marketing campaign for the interstate highway system

  8. How have radio marketing strategies changed as companies have shifted their consumer information to websites?

  9. Explore the historical marketing trends for the manufacturing industry in the United States

  10. How effective are billboards at marketing products and services in different settings?

  11. What makes an effective marketing campaign to combat negative press for a company?

  12. How has the rise of for profit universities, and their marketing campaigns, changed how public and private nonprofit universities market themselves?

  13. Are the marketing campaigns of for profit universities dishonest?

  14. What are the ethical issues of marketing luxury products to low-income consumers?

  15. What makes an effective marketing strategy for selling luxury products to low-income consumers?

  16. How does a company’s marketing strategy change as they enter the luxury product market for the first time?

  17. What are the major differences in marketing campaigns for mid tier and top tier hotel chains?

  18. How do the marketing strategies of campaign change with their geographic locations?

  19. Design a marketing campaign for public art in your community

  20. What correlations exist between the exterior of business’s locations and their marketing campaigns?

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