A List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On The Video Game History

Video game history is a fascinating topic perfect for a research paper. There is plenty of information on this subject, and with a little imagination, you will be able to create a fascinating story that will impress both your teachers and peers.

However, video game history as a whole is too big a subject to create a good paper, unless you are trying to write an encyclopedia. Therefore, your first task on the road towards writing a top-grade essay is to narrow down your topic. The required word count should be your main consideration in this.

Next, you need to do some research. You need to make sure that there is enough research material available for you to write a good paper on. There should be no filler content in an essay as it greatly diminishes its educational value, which will affect your grade.

Here are a few suggestions you can use in your search for a perfect video game history research paper topic:

  1. The role of Steve Russel in the development of video gaming industry.

  2. Atari: evolution through the years.

  3. Ralf Baer: the history of the first video game concept.

  4. Evolution of video gaming consoles in the 21st century.

  5. Tetris in the history of video games: a success story.

  6. Nintendo Vs. Sony: competition through the decades.

  7. Ride-and-video games: overview of the major releases.

  8. Is PlayStation the best console today?

  9. Portable gaming consoles from 2000 till today.

  10. Super Mario: the game that conquered millions.

History of video games is full of events that changed the face of the industry, so there really is no limit to the number of topic options you can choose from. Pick the subject you like most as this will make the process of writing more interesting.

Video gaming is one of the fastest-growing businesses today. You can explore this angle in your work to add some substance to your historical research. Try to present this industry on a grander scale. Explain how its development affects economies. A great option is to analyze the connection between gaming and sport competitions.

If you get a chance to find reliable on material, you can try to write an interesting work on the subject of games used as training tools for the military. How did the soldiers who went through this educational program fare in battle? Did this change the course of the conflict? Which countries started to use games for this purpose and when?

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