Fifteen Successful Research Paper Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

Impressing a professor is not always an easy task. Where some are interested in pushing boundaries and being cutting edge, there are others who prefer to get what they are accustomed to. As a result, there are no ‘one size fits all’ research paper topics just waiting to bring every student success. You will need to be aware of:

How well previously submitted topics fared

Once you can see this you have the best chance of avoiding the concepts that fared poorly.

The content of the most successful papers

If the most successful papers all share a single trait, you will be able to tailor your own to suit that.

The unexpected successes

These give you a sense of what boundaries you can push, even in a class with a professor known for conservative views.

The following topics are a bit like what you might come up with:

  1. To what extent can animals be trained to mimic and understand human language?
  2. Does the sound of rain have a universally relaxing effect on human adults?
  3. Are so called millenials truly less likely to pursue full time careers than previous generations?
  4. Living legacies: Protecting the rights of individual plants and animals that have lived for over a century
  5. Ear-buds and deafness: how new technologies in music can lead to a generation experiencing premature hearing loss
  6. Cats and the internet: Has this generation become obsessed with felines or is something more sinister afoot?
  7. Human Evolution: How will recent changes in climate and advances in technology likely affect the physiology of future generations?
  8. Body Modification: A sign of individuality or a modern take on ancient conformity?
  9. Mythology vs Science: To what extent did ancient humans use stories to pass on scientific knowledge?
  10. Bodily Function Shame: How an obsession with impossible standards of cleanliness leads to the pollution of oceans and waterways
  11. New Masculine: Changing ideas of what it means to be a man viewed through fashion, cinema and music over the past three decades
  12. Marijuana: Why did we criminalize the world’s most useful plant in the first place?
  13. Useful Pain: How mild physical discomfort can be used positively
  14. Gender on a Spectrum: How the categories of male and female fall short in the classification of the majority of people
  15. Discrimination: How can people who experience less of it come to understand the extent to which it still exists?

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