7 Things to Consider While Writing a Research Paper on 1984

George Orwell’s 1984 is a true masterpiece that everyone must read in his or her lifetime. Although the book was written in the last century, it covers lots of the burning issues of the modern society. You’ll definitely have to read the novel for your English class, and it is more than likely that you’ll need to write a research paper on it. To succeed in the task and create a substantial analytical work, you should consider a range of requirements to the content and format of your paper.

  1. Refer to both primary and secondary sources.
  2. Upon reading 1984, you will definitely come up with the arguments on the topic of your paper and will be able to support them with relevant quotes from the novel. However, sharing your personal viewpoints isn’t enough. Explore several secondary sources in search of the different interpretations of the topic.

  3. Provide textual evidence from each source.
  4. If you mention three secondary sources in your references, make sure that you use information from each of them to support your thesis. These should not necessarily be direct quotes. Paraphrase or summarize what literary critics tell about the topic.

  5. Develop a strong introduction.
  6. Catch the reader’s attention in the opening sentence of your introductory paragraph. For the literary analysis paper, it will be natural to start with an apt quote taken from 1984 or any credible secondary source. Provide the context of your research and lead your reader to your thesis.

  7. Conclude properly.
  8. Restate your thesis and summarize your key arguments. Provide some additional food for thought by reflecting what other issues can be addressed in the light of the existing study.

  9. Use the MLA formatting style throughout your text.
  10. All literary analysis research papers should be arranged in compliance with the MLA formatting rules. Refer to the MLA style guide to check what font, style, and spacing should be applied in your text.

  11. Format your in-text citations properly.
  12. Whether you use a quote from 1984 or a paraphrase from a secondary source, remember to place the source information in parentheses. Refer to the MLA style guide for the specific requirements to formatting in-text citations.

  13. Arrange your sources on a separate works cited page.
  14. A works cited page is a must for all literary analysis papers. Make sure that you present all printed and online sources properly.

You won’t lack good ideas for your research paper on 1984, and the aforementioned recommendations will help you organize them effectively and correctly.

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