Persuasive Term Paper Ideas: 20 Controversial Questions To Discuss

If you are tasked with writing a persuasive term paper, your goal in the paper is to persuade your reader that your point of view within the paper is the right one, or at least the one must substantiated by evidence. Consider these topics below:

  1. 1. You can review whether environmentally friendly options have led to higher consumption, such as people who have more fuel efficient cars might drive more now because of the fuel efficiency of their cars compared to their previous car, or people with LED lights might not worry about turning off lights when they leave the room because they know the lights are more energy efficient
  2. 2. You can review what advantages a person can gain by learning a new trade
  3. 3. You can write about the state advantages for having a lottery
  4. 4. You can review whether there are advantages to school mandated uniforms socially and/or academically
  5. 5. You can write a paper about how to improve low morale in a workplace setting
  6. 6. You can review the advances that education has had over the last few years
  7. 7. You can write a paper that follows the causes of water pollution and what effects that has had on the world
  8. 8. You can write a paper about the fastest growing cities in the world and what has led to their growth. You can write about whether their growth is sustainable or not
  9. 9. You can research the healthiest foods around the world
  10. 10. You can investigate inexpensive vacation destinations
  11. 11. You can write about how dreams should be interpreted
  12. 12. You can write about a particular drug problem in your area and how to combat it
  13. 13. You can write a paper on identify theft and what ways people can protect themselves from it
  14. 14. You can research why vitamins are important and how frequently people should take them
  15. 15. You can review the importance of exercise and why so many people fail to do it regularly
  16. 16. You can write a paper that reviews traditional dating/relationships and how the internet has changed that
  17. 17. You can explain why it is important to vote
  18. 18. You can write about why reading tangible books/magazines is important for the brain
  19. 19. You can review the history of comic books
  20. 20. You can write a paper about what treatment methods are available for PTSD today

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