5 Good Tips Formulating A Research Paper Hypothesis

When you are asked to write an essay about any entity or theme; say, Diego Maradona, you will generally wax eloquent on him and prepare a sensational piece. However, when you are requested to pen a research paper on the same subject, you begin to take a deep dig and find out things unknown to the gentry.

An urgent part

You also tend to hypothesize about what would have happened had situation and environment been different. Hypothesis is an extremely urgent part of a research paper; it provides it the gift of imagination and thereby, an added dimension.

Here are certain pointers to help you with the formulation of hypothesis for your research paper.

  1. Think of sensation – Hypothesize about factors which may change the course of the topical theme exponentially. This is easy to derive if you feel for the junctures and then sensationalize one of them. Say, what would have happened if Marie Antoinette would have sparked a rebellion against French Revolution rather than going for the gallows.
  2. A Methodology hypothesis – Here you hypothesize a perfect society you could have questioned and reached a different analysis altogether. This is especially applicable to Psychology research papers.
  3. Assuming fluctuations – United States has evolved in a linear and progressive manner over the last two and a half centuries. Now, if you hypothesize that might be, its progression would have met certain roadblocks during abolition, prohibition or industrial revolution; it would not have been as powerful during the 2nd World War. You may also hypothesize different results of the eventual Cold War with USSR.
  4. Hypothesizing the future – This is perfectly applicable for subjects which ask for cathartic changes; say, women’s liberty or equality or animal welfare. You may assume a world which is heavily matriarchal and whether women wear the pants all over. Remember to sound authoritative in your research, even if it would be extremely hard.
  5. Sequence of hypothesis – With some creativity, you can assume situations where the initial logic is a hypothesis and thus the base of leading ones will hold that element. A credible example of this is the scientific theories that are rested on Gravity or Centrifugal force.

Pay attention

If you pay attention to your research paper and know the topic with prescience, you will hardly have problems in formulating hypotheses. The point is to remain true to them and keep the paper perfectly feasible. You can always go through samples to get a better picture.

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